Lord Malrec of Glennayre

Lord Malrec rules the province of Glennayre Holding on behalf of the king.  Malrec is sharply handsome, and he is Talented–he can paint.  He’s rather prolific, and quite secretive about his Talent and the uses he has for it.

Lord Malrec lives in the Seat of Glennayre Holding–Castle Glennayre.  It is perhaps a bit of a reach to call the building a castle–but Lord Malrec wouldn’t live in anything that wasn’t a castle.  Such things are important to him, and he is very sensitive to how other people treat him.

Lord Malrec is the first person Alannys meets in Ravanmark, and he seems to be a charming and gracious host.  But as with all things in this new land, appearances can be deceiving…

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