Through the power of magic that doesn’t exist on Earth, Alannys Gale ends up in Ravanmark.  Ravanmark is a land where the arts have great power.  Talent is another word for the ability to use this power.

Ravanmark is the largest and most powerful country in this new world.  The Muses are worshipped here as gods, though they were long ago separated from the people in a cataclysm known as the Rending of the World.  The people of Ravanmark await a mythical figure who will reunite them.

Ravanmark is stable and prosperous, under the same monarchy that has ruled for centuries.  The society is pre-industrial, but efficient.  The country is divided up into Holdings; each ruled on behalf of the king by an appointed nobleman.  For long centuries this arrangement has worked peacefully, allowing the people to recover from the Rending of the World, and society to flourish.

But now dark plots move in the heavy shadows, seeking to end Ravanmark’s long peace in bloodshed…

For more detailed discussion of Ravanmark, check out:

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