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I spent last night rolling out new versions of The Music Mage to all retailers and distributor outlets.  I was busily working on book two in the series, and needed to refer back to the text of book one to look up a detail.  As I was reading what I needed, I discovered that the originally posted version of Music Mage describes the Great Hall as having a red carpet up the middle, and red carpet on the dais.

There is no carpet in the Great Hall.  I would venture to say there is no carpet in Ravanmark, although there are woven rugs of various sizes.This is incorrect.  The Great Hall has a white marble floor, except for one strip of inlaid red granite in the center, leading up to the dais.  The dais itself also has a red granite floor.

I do apologize for the error.  Corrected versions should be available at all the retailers in the next few days.  Of course you are always welcome to contact me, and I will be happy to send you the corrected version as well.